Hello, World

Wow. I had so much energy when I got up. Major departure from my normal life. I had a lot of energy before I went to bed last night, too. I have done a lot of small pottering things, changing power strips, involving pulling the couch out from the wall a bit, something I normally could not do, organizing around my desk, things I’ve already forgotten I did. LOL don’t know what has changed, but I am not complaining. I did up my Vit D dose yesterday, and also upped my magnesium dose and actually took it, which usually I forget. Can’t have worked that fast, though, can it?

I was going to post this yesterday, then I couldn’t find it. I did now. Duh! My god, this woman defies description. I don’t even have words for the mind-boggling things she is saying. Oh, the stupidity. This is what religion can do to you, people. I always used to have my own little prayer, “Please God, don’t let me get religion.” Prayer answered so far. Being an atheist makes it pretty unlikely that I would ‘get’ religion anyway, but still… You know, I get that not every religious person is represented by this woman, or is dumb or ignorant, so please don’t be offended. It’s just her type of religion is so…what’s a good word here, cause I can’t think of one. Bizarre? UnChristian? Moronic? Here is Anderson Cooper and the dumbest woman on the planet. Seriously.