>It’s been gray for a few days, but some sun today. The leaves are coming out on the trees across the street, so the flowers don’t have long to go. But they have been a joy every day for a week.

Watched the new Doctor Who last night. I’m pleased to say I really like Matt Smith as the new Doctor, and I was overjoyed to notice the complete lack of angst and ‘life sucks, then you die’ attitude that had taken over Who. So very glad to see the last of RTD. I will not watch an Americanized Torchwood, if only because he is associated with it. The man almost makes life seem not worth living. Not my favorite person.

I am reading more and more on the computer. I didn’t think I would, but it really is not unpleasant, just not the same as holding a book. I like books, but since I’ve read and reread mine and I don’t get to the library much, this is an easy way to get my word fix. There are a lot of good fan fiction writers out there, and I am reading mostly that along wil the blogs I follow. I really need to update my blog roll, since I’ve added/deleted several times over.

Illness update: I’ve been doing well, but last weekend and this I’ve had at least one day with more pain and feeling worse in general. I’m wondering if I’m psyched for the week but seeing the weekend as time to crash. Or maybe five days of functioning reasonably well needs one or two of recovery. Anyway, it’s a heck of a lot better than just feeling crappy all the time. I can’t state as fact that DD’s ‘light treatments’ are helping, but I have been feeling better since she started. If it works or it’s all in my head doesn’t matter, feeling better is great.