>Gray Days


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It’s been gray for several days now, and I can really feel the effects. I am more tired, less energy, less motivation, less enthusiasm for anything. I like rain, no, I love rain. I am quite fond of snow, too. But gray days with no water product are just dull and depressing to the psyche. When I lived in New Hampshire, there were a LOT of gray days. February was the grayest month, so after a time, I learned to have interesting projects to focus on that month, so the SAD* wouldn’t completely win out. The beautiful flowers that were guaranteed to bring cheerfulness are all gone from the flowering pear trees, too.

Less SAD here where I am further south, but too much gray still brings the “oh, why bother”s. I’m not liking this. I want that energy I had two weeks ago back. Please. It’s amazing how quickly things go down hill housekeeping-wise when there is little or no energy and enthusiasm about. I did unload, reload, and run the dishwasher last night. Big accomplishment. LOL

Oh, I meant to ‘turn on the sun’ when I got up, and I forgot. I have full-spectrum bulbs in the ceiling fixture in the main room, and it is like daylight in here all the time when they are on, even in the middle of the night. So I call them ‘the sun’. I know. I have a fondness for inanity and silliness, it seems. Making up little phrases to fit a certain situation or thing is fun. Anything that gets a laugh or even just a giggle is a good thing in my book.

I overslept today, since I stayed up way too late last night, and the buzzer woke me up. It was the mailman with a package from my Amazon grocery subscription. I like Amazon. Anyway, one time he left my package in the lobby and it was stolen. Amazon cheerfully refunded my money, but when I complained to the post office, their attitude to me was ‘tough luck’. Behind the scenes, however, I think they must have reamed out the mailman, because now he brings the packages up to me, always with a glare and never speaks a word. Oh, I feel so bad. NOT! You can’t just drop things in a public lobby and expect them to just remain there til the recipient happens to check on Amazon and see they are listed as ‘delivered’.

Off to turn on the sun. *SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder, in case you were wondering. I has it. I grew up in Colorado, where sun is the primary state of things, not gray and dour. No wonder New Englanders are noted for being taciturn and unfriendly. We are all miserable most of the time. LOL

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