Police Brutality in the US and Other Countries

I can’t really go out and protest, and I have no clout in any area of life, so this is all I can do to contribute.  Also, I am very, very angry at my fellow countrymen who are making excuses and even applauding police brutality and worshiping the orange man.  Very angry.  Here’s an article comparing police brutality and murders in several countries.

Police Brutality


I have not been out of my apartment, except twice to go to the lobby, since March 11th.  No one has been in here since March 12th.  I have been coping well, with the odd going batshit crazy day here and there.  But now, now I am feeling so stressed and angry and upset at what is going on, it makes batshit crazy look like a field day at a farm, with baby animals and ice cream.  I just want to shout, OMG, OMG, OMG , what is happening to my country?  How many people are loving this.  How many people believe that if you think this is all wrong, you are a libtard and an idiot.  Good grief, how did we get to be so horrid? Such hideous excuses for human beings?  They seem to love calling themselves ‘Christian’, too, although they have no concept at all of what the word even means, let alone what the person it is named after taught.  How did things get so distorted?  How did so many people lose any semblance of rationality.  I kind of just want to crawl in a hole and cover my head til this all goes away.  It will go away, right.  Enough people with working brains will step and and make things change and get rid of these hate-filled, greedy cretins.  OMG, OMG, OMG.

To Vote or Not To Vote

That seems to be the question, according to an article in today’s New York Times On Politics newsletter.  It says young people are questioning the value of voting, and thinking protesting is a better way to go, because most politicians do not share any of the same experiences as they do, so nothing changes. But one person says this:

Elijah McCutcheon, a junior at Otterbein University, said he saw protests as a way to “bring attention to what we should be voting for” — as a way to pass laws to hold officers accountable in the present and avoid police brutality in the future.
“If we just protest and don’t vote to change laws, all this protesting was for no reason,” he said.

Voting matters.  Seriously.  People have fought wars and died to give you the right to vote.  Use it.  And vote for getting rid of the electoral college, whose cowardice is one big reason why we are burdened with the orange man anyway.
I know I am being very political right now, and very angry, and very vocal about being angry, but my god, how can you not be?


Normally, I have been in favor of unions.  My dad was in the steelworker’s union, forget what it was called, and it helped us a lot, with striking for better wages, etc.  But unions can be evil, as well.  Read this: from The New York Times Morning Briefing email.

Chris Magnus, the police chief in Tucson, Ariz., told the Marshall Project: “If I had my way, officers who lie wouldn’t just be put on a list, they’d be fired, and also not allowed to work in any other jurisdiction as a police officer ever again.” Often, though, police-union contracts prevent firing even officers with a record of brutality and dishonesty — which then casts a shadow over the many police officers who tell the truth.

Seriously, you can be as brutal as you want, you can lie and lie and lie, and the people who you work for can’t do anything about that?  Anything meaningful, like fire you? So your union just gives you a ‘get away free’ card?

I can’t be the only person who sees something wrong here.

From here from last October: https://alphanewsmn.com/minneapolis-police-union-rolls-out-cops-for-trump-t-shirts-in-wake-of-uniform-policy-change/


Something I Found Yesterday

And have already forgotten where.  It’s about the orange man:

“This is an awful man, waving a book he hasn’t read, in front of a church he doesn’t attend, invoking laws he doesn’t understand, against fellow Americans he sees as enemies, wielding a military he dodged serving, to protect power he gained via accepting foreign interference, exploiting fear and anger he loves to stoke, after failing to address a pandemic he was warned about, and building it all on a bed of constant lies and childish inanity.”

~Robert Hendrickson, Rector at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Tucson, Arizona


Referencing the video of the older man being shoved down by police, who then lied about it.

“Police in Buffalo, New York released a statement on Thursday claiming that an elderly man who was protesting police brutality had “tripped and fell” in front of Buffalo City Hall before being taken to the hospital. But that all changed when video went viral on social media showing the 75-year-old man had been pushed by police. The unnamed man, who appeared to be bleeding from his ear, is reportedly in “serious but stable condition.”

“Presumably, the police statement is written in the third person so that local news outlets can just copy and paste their claims without attribution.”  Because this is what reporting is now.  Journalists, not news readers, seem to have gone the way of many things we still need but no longer have.  A long time ago, Roone Arledge, head af ABC Sports if I remember correctly, took over and decided that news belonged in the ‘entertainment’ division, which is when we got idiots banter instead of responsible people telling us what happened today. Commenting on what may or may not have happened, joking about it, this is what we got instead, because entertainment requires ratings to succeed.  Now we have ‘races’ in politics, and sound bites, and no one telling what has gone on and who said what and reporting on if what they said was accurate or not.  We aren’t told what happened or who said what, we are told what to THINK about what happened or what was said.  A big reason I do not have cable or antenna tv any more.

Here’s the video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFeewU0HhNE

Get Rid Of The WordPress Editor From Hell

It occurs to me, I may not have said how to do that.

You have to go to a post and click the edit button then

1. Click on the button (with 3 dots ) on the top right of the post you are editing.
2. Scroll down to the very bottom and you will find an option which says “Switch to Classic Editor”. Click that and you are done.

It carries over to new posts, thank goodness.

From Here: https://wordpress.com/forums/topic/revert-back-to-classic-editor/


I may have mentioned how much I hate the new editor. WTF, WordPress? So I searched for ways to get rid of it. I am not the only one who hates it. Not even. So I’m told to go to plugins and blah, blah, blah and when I go there, in order to do anything with plugins, my page says I have to buy WordPress Business for somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars. None of the articles I read mentioned this minor detail. Dear WordPress. You have a very unhappy user here, after years of being very pleased. I will move my blog if I have to, because I am so over being forced to accept changes that make things worse/harder/more complicated. Some asshat at Google doesn’t like Google Reader, gone. My bank has a go through this account check in five easy steps turn into five minutes of blah, blah, blah instead. Windows. Don’t even get me started on Windows. Windows 10, the curse of the internet. The world is going to hell, and WordPress just wants to create more stress for it’s users. WTF, WordPress? WTF?

Update.  Got a bit peeved with WP chat and just left in the middle.  My bad.  Then I found a fix, but if it’s just for the post you’re editing, not making new posts, it’s not much of one.  We’ll see.  Frustrated Jean is so freaking frustrated with every single thing there is right now.  And I haven’t even made it to Twitter or Tumblr yet today.  Sheesh!

Boston Reacts

Massachusetts reacts.

Maura Healey@MassAGO·No. The President cannot unilaterally deploy the United States military into Massachusetts streets to stop peaceful protests.

Elizabeth Warren@SenWarren·The President threatened to take over cities and towns with military force. Peaceful protesters were tear-gassed so he could get a photo-op. We will fight for justice for Black lives in America, even if our racist Commander in Chief tries to stand in the way.

Proud to live in Massachusetts.

A Voice of Reason

How refreshing. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/06/01/houston-police-chief-art-acevedo-trump-mouth-shut-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/top-news-videos/

Not sure I want to get into Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook today, but I do want to know what’s going on.

WordPress has a new editor, and it blows bigtime.

Pictures from the campaign:

She looks so proud to be doing the Nazi Salute.
E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune
Your President

We are so screwed.

It Just Keep Getting Worse

I am at a loss. How can this country survive like this? Does this administration even want it to survive? They seem to be trying to create their own little replica of a place we fought a war against. It is getting scarier and scarier, and no one is doing anything to stop it. What are all those senators for, anyway? Or congressmen?


Britain Speaks

I’m sure England has a lot of NOT be proud of, but they are speaking out on what is happening here, and I think that is a good thing.


“We stand in solidarity with the family, friends and community of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We in the UK cannot ignore yet another death of an unarmed Black man in police custody. As socialist Members of Parliament, we recognise that George Floyd’s death took place in the context of centuries of social deprivation and economic extraction that have been endured by African Americans. As anti-imperialists we recognise that America has been built on the slavery, dispossession and subjugation of its African American population. As anti-racists, we stand shoulder to shoulder with all those in America and across the world who feel anger, hurt and fear after yet another instance of discriminatory state violence. It is also crucial that we in the UK recognise that we are not immune from this disease of state-sanctioned racism. Black people disproportionately suffer from police use of force in the UK, are over-represented in the prison population and are more likely to be sent to prison than white offenders. According to INQUEST, there have been 1741 deaths following contact with the police in England & Wales since 1990 – with African, Asian and minority ethnic communities disproportionately impacted. The Runnymede Trust found that, between 1995 and 2015, no police officer was prosecuted over a Black person’s death in custody. As in America, it appears the police can act with impunity as they very rarely face criminal prosecutions. We call on the UK government to take this opportunity to reassess the racial disparities in our criminal justice system. Now is the time to end the severe class and racial inequalities which exist across the world”

● Diane Abbott MP● Paula Barker MP● Apsana Begum MP● Richard Burgon MP● Ian Byrne MP● Jeremy Corbyn MP● Rachel Hopkins MP● Imran Hussain MP● Ian Lavery MP● Clive Lewis MP● John McDonnell MP● Ian Mearns MP● Grahame Morris MP● Kate Osamor MP● Kate Osborne MP● Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP● Zarah Sultana MP● Jon Trickett MP● Claudia Webbe MP● Mick Whitley MP● Nadia Whittome MP● Beth Winter MP


Spending some time there today. Found this.


This is America. We are not supposed to need this. Please vote them out. Vote them all out. Every single cretinaceous one of them. Unless you think Nazi Germany was a good thing, in which case just go crawl back under whatever slimy rock you crawled out from.

Things. Or Stuff. Whatever.

I get this newsletter about wellness. It has headlines like ‘Six things a dentist says you should…..’, or 5 things a nutritionist want you to……, and like that. Which dentist? Which nutritionist? Are they good? How do we know? How did they get to be the one dentist or nutritionist or whatever that gets to tell you what to do, eat, etc., I want to know.

I have vaccuumed. In stages, but still, and cleaned out the bucket, which apparently no homemaker has done in eons. Need to wash it now. I love that vaccuum parts are washable now, and remember bags? OMG. Friends delivered groceries, meds, mail. It is a beautiful, beautiful, cool, cloudless blue sky day. 66 degrees and NOT humid.

Reading Tumblr and Twitter and OMG this is so not the country I used to think it is. So unbelievably upset and disappointed and angry with so many of my fellow citizens, who seem to think the Nazi way was a good way, although they don’t say that word. What has happened to us? I cannot engage too much with it, although sometimes I just have to comment on something, but I do retweet and repost things that seem important. I think we are done as the ‘light of the world’, and the country everyone wants to come to, as the country that led the fight for freedom and human rights, or so we were led to believe. Maybe it’s the truth coming out now. I don’t know. I just know it is very hard to cope with this.

I am making bread. Actually, I made the dough last night in the processor and put it in the frig for the very long slow rise. Longer rises, better bread, in spite of all those ‘bread in 0.2 seconds sites want you to believe. (Little quote from Torchwood there, if you know Torchwood.

The whatever is wrong in my head is bothering me a lot today. Bone infection? Brain tumor? None of the doctors I’ve seen have really cared, although I did have a cat scan a couple years ago, which didn’t show much. Whatever it is, I wish it would cure itself and leave me alone. It’s not easy when you are one of the invisible, one of the ones that the medical profession does not want to ‘waste resources on’, as I’ve heard said by some of them. My quality of life may not matter to you, but it matters to me. Dr. Welby is dead and gone in the American medical system.

I am having a very good day, though. For me. Something about the sky and the micro-climate I am in is very, very refreshing and invigorating and makes me want to Get Things Done. It’s a good thing.

How’s It Going, World?

Oh, people, it’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been sitting here every day staring at the world out there. Gorgeous weather than I am not out in. Hate to turn around and look into the apartment, which is kind of in a state of black tornado havoc. Real life is hard. Been alone to long. The signs are there. Mare’s tails, right? Window streaks are because the seal has broken. The other window is much worse. Much worse.

But today, after spending the morning making up a grocery list for delivery, I closed it out without ordering and took a nap. This afternoon I cleaned the kitchen, meaning loaded dishwasher and washed down the stove and cabinets and moved a couple things to better places. Small kitchen, not a lot of places to put things. I am going to make four-bean salad and bake a cake when I’m done here. I hope. It’s only 7:30 pm, still pretty light out, I can pretend it’s daytime, right? Besides I don’t usually get to sleep til 2 or 3 am, so might as well use this time to accomplish something.

Do I dare show pictures of the half of the living room that is a mess. The side with the tv/fireplace/Gertrude’s rocking chair is quite neat. LOL Hmmmm. What does that say?

Trust me, it’s not always this bad. Boxes from deliveries over the past two months that I did not have enough energy to break down. Things on table are from trying to find a place for some things and so far failed. You’ll notice the large expanse of bare wall where there used to be a calendar and a decorative mirror. Gertrude prefers this style of decorating, apparently, since she ripped most thing right off the wall. I move the mirror because she kept trying to make it swing. The fan and clock are pretty much all she left, only because she could not reach them. She just plays with the things next to the pass-through. She is soooo cute. LOL Stay safe, everybody. Just because they say you can mingle, does not mean you should.


It’s going well.  And it’s not going well.  Watching Imagine Dragons live on youtube.  Yes!  Keeping up with dishes and hand laundry, playing with Miss G here and there.  Getting by okay.  But…..I have things I want to do, things I need to do, I made a plan for keeping up with the cleaning and tidying.  So far I’ve done none of it.  Start out well, then with my morning coffee, I fire up the old piece of crappity crap carp laptop, and that’s pretty much it for most of the day.  I have a lot of back pain, which is a deterrent to doing things, but I think I also am just avoiding life, pain, being alone, never going out, etc.  I have been here before, I remember.  Before I had a friend nearby, before I had people coming in to do those things I can’t really do very well, before I was able to go out and have some fun with my friend now and then.  I don’t like this, but I am just kind of going with the flow.  One thing I’ve have learned since getting fibro is that it is completely non-productive to beat myself up over things I pretty much have no control over.  Listen to your body, go with the flow, do what you can, when you can.  Hopefully, things will get better, I will get a grip, my back will miraculously heal and my fibromyalgia will just stop.  Yep. That’s going to happen.  🙂

One of my efriends sent me an email a couple of days ago that they were having really bad storms and tornadoes where he is.  Nothing since.  Don’t know if he’s okay, or if his dish blew off his roof, or what.  Sometimes shit happens. I’ve had a couple of efriends who just vanished, and you never know what happened to them.  Some blogs, too, where the person just suddenly stops posting and never posts again.  Leaves you wondering for a long, long time. What happened to them?  Are they okay?  And you never find out.

Still with the laptop issues.  My ipad works fine, so does my android phone, so it’s not Verizon this time, I think.  Have been using Edge because Firefox is just not working at all well, and trying it today again because why do other browsers not have a ‘save as text’ option, among other things? And the tabs keep crashing.  And crashing.  Looked it up and tried the solution, safe mode with no extensions.  Yeah, that worked.  Not.  I love my Firefox and have used it ever since I got a computer.  I try every new browser that comes along, but always go back because it has the extensions and perks I use all the time.  So why isn’t it working right? Ever since they started the every five minute update schedule, it has just gotten more and more broken.  Is it just me?  Is it like this for everyone?  Frustrated.

Oh, I do love Imagine Dragons.  Radioactive was my first, then Thunder, On Top of the World, which they just now sang live, and more and more and more.  Oh, Believer is up.  Later.  🙂