Just Stuff

So it is possible to hire my homemaker myself and whoever paid the agency will pay me to pay her. Have to discuss this with her, though. Or she can get a job at the agency that took over and I can still have her. She cooked before the virus, and she is a really good cook, and someone else could do the other stuff. We’ll see how that works out.

Reading a familiar blog, and it now tells me how long it will take to read the post. Seriously? Is time so short for everyone that we need to know how much of it we will spend reading something? There are posts and groups and whatever to compare your reading to other people’s, to keep track of how much time you spend, to make reading a chore and not a joy. I don’t understand why everything is a competition or something that needs tracking or whatever. Way to take the fun out of life, people.

I am currently making a giant pot of coffee in my new electric percolator. I usually do two cups. and doing about ten now, which is really only five mugs. I only have mugs. I like mugs. Can keep it in the frig and nuke a cup or have iced coffee. Yum. For someone with as many getting things done issues as I have, put the coffee and water in the pot and plug it in works for me. A light comes on when it’s ready and it stays hot til I unplug it. No waiting for the lukewarm drip, or stirring and waiting and pressing or adjust the stove burner to get the right perk time. I have used every type of pot including vacuum, only excepting the greek one, Moka is it?, and this electric makes good coffee that is doable even on a foggy, foggy morning, which every one of them is, lately. Found this online: nonbrainery. Yep, that’s me. Actually, setting it up the night before works even better. Plug it in, OR I could plug it into a timer so it would be ready when I get up. That works for me. Think I have a timer somewhere, too. I have an oven-ready pot roast with veg to cook, too, from my favorite grocery store after Trader Joe’s. God, do I miss Trader Joe’s. Soon as I am fully vaccinated, Tess and I are heading up to Foxboro. Had to drive right by Joe’s to get to Gillette Stadium for the vaccine. We waved. LOL

I think I am going to set up an appointment with the rheumatologist who took over from prednisone disaster guy, and see if there is anything that can be done for all this pain. It is really hard to do anything when you can only stand up for very brief amounts of time, and then only by hanging onto something like a door handle or the counter or whatever. Fun, fun, fun. Something needs to change, and I am the one who needs to pursue the means.

I smell coffee. Delightful.

Hope everyone out there is safe and well and wearing a mask and social distancing. We do what we must to keep ourselves and our loved ones and friends and neighbors safe, right? That’s what makes us good people. ‘I don’t need no f-ing mask’ screamers are not good people. Sorry, they just aren’t. Selfish and entitled. The dregs of humanity. Don’t be one of those. Please don’t.

Because I really don’t care if anyone dies because of my selfishness.

It’s A Rant Day

Headline: Covid / US company illegally peddling ‘miracle cure’ bleach for new variants

Guess where the company is located? That bastion of good people, like Mike Gaetz, Florida. Why am I not surprised?

I am getting a new homemaker, because the agency went out of business. Did not tell anybody, caseworkers, homemakers, clients. They’ve been in business a long time, too. I’ve had homemakers from there for nearly the entire 18 years I’ve had homemakers. Why would you not tell your employees they will need to find new jobs. Just ‘hi, here’s your paycheck’ one day, and ‘bye, we are over’ the next.

It is gray and windy and chilly and I am in pain, and bored and depressed and slept pretty much all night and then all day after feeding Gertrude at 10 am. I miss having a life, even if I missed having a life while I was having it. I miss my real life, the one when I had a husband and a garden and friends and a car, and wasn’t in constant pain and blah, blah, blah. Oh lord, I need coffee and it almost 4pm, as I just said to my friend Tess in an email. A ranting email. My homemaker had just called to say how sorry she was and that no one told her she was going to be out of a job until after I had found out. Great company. Really great. Okay. Rant over. For now. 🙂