from How-To Geek:

Did You Know?

Maybe all those milk ads about happy cows are true. Researchers monitored cows and found that those that were the best treated and doted on by their handlers produced the most milk.

Why are we always surprised that animals respond to being treated well? I once saw a PBS thing wherein a guy said that after spending time with his cattle and getting to know each one, he stopped thinking of them as ‘product’ and realized that they had feelings and personalities and whatever. Surprise. Seriously? Animals aren’t things put their for our convenience, in spite of what we are taught. They are sentient creatures who care about each other and their children. The arrogance of thinking that we are everything, and everything is just there for us to use as we see fit. Okay.

So far no side effects from the vaccine. Just the usual body aches from walking and using the cane and all. Those always happen, so was prepared for that. Recovery day. Swan about on the couch and read. It’s another gorgeous, cloud-free sunny day, too. Still too cool to open the windows, but beautiful, and the buds on the flowering pears across the street are really started to swell. Flowers soon?

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.