My birthday month. Spring. New starts. New beginnings. Same thing, I know. More daylight. More sunshine. More sweet peas, my birth flower. My gramma grew them and she always called me her Sweet Pea. 🙂 Here is one of my favorite songs from childhood. Guess why. Not by this guy, though. He wasn’t even born when I was a child.

So I decided to keep a note of things I find that interest me. For this blog. Because I can. It’s my blog. 🙂

“Do You Really Need To Throw Out Your Underwear After 6 Months? An OB/GYN Weighs In” Headline. Seriously? Seriously? Just throw your clothes away, because we are all made of money. Seriously?

An article about a Reading Accountability group. Taking all the fun out of life. Reading is fun and relaxing and informative and fun. I said that already. But there are tons of things online about keeping track, competing, accountability? Come on. Life has enough stresses without ruining reading, too. Can’t we just read because we like reading? Does it have to be a ‘thing’?

Weather forecast was wrong. Was meant to be warm overnight and warm today. When I woke up, it was in the 40’s. Time to close the window.

Quite enjoying morning email and newsletters once I have deleted the bad news and petitions unread. I have started just deleting newsy emails. I don’t even want to know anymore. The ship is unstuck, what else do I have to worry about? Not that I was worried about that. The memes were kind of fun, though. LOL

A thing I read that I need to think more on. This writer seems to be a little off to me, but what do I know?


“One thing I did in the research for this book was to go back and read all of the doomsayers at the time of the TV revolution who said that raising a generation glued to their screens was going to scramble their brains and make them stupid. These were people who were dismissed at the time as snobs and doomsayers, people who just were not hip to what the kids were thinking. And at the time, there was no way to check their predictions. The only thing these doomsayers could do was to say “Wait and see.” Well, we’ve had several decades to wait and see the consequences of the rise of visual media and the decline of print and everything that flowed out of the TV revolution. And I think most of their dire predictions have been vindicated.”

I agree that tv is not a good influence. For one thing, it made obnoxious, rude, precocious, disobedient children seem normal. Parenting is hard enough without being made to believe that these are acceptable behaviors for your children. And that one commercial where it made stealing okay. I see something I like in your grocery bag, I take it. It’s okay. Really, it is. Well no, really, it isn’t. This is what you want your kids to learn?

Interesting take on college:

“Yes, because it’s a massive waste of money that does not confer actual benefits to the people who pay for it. What a college degree represents today could be, and not so long ago was, taught in high schools, so we are wasting people’s time, valuable years of their lives, prolonging adolescence.”

I didn’t go to college. No way we could afford college. I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything worthwhile because of it. And no one I know who went to college seems any better informed than I am, either. Read. Read everything. That’s my advice.

What she says about Aaron Sorkin and the West Wing. Sheesh! I’d rather have fake idealism than no idealism. I loved the West Wing and recently did a rewatch, and it was still just as good. Fake idealism? It shows things the way I wish they could be. I see enough of how things really are online every day. I want some idealism, I want some happy endings. I want people who care and who get along and who try to make things better for everyone, not just themselves. I see nothing wrong with idealism, fake or not. Better than cynicism, which is everywhere today. I am the poster girl for cynicism. I probably should stop saying ‘sheesh’, too, but oh well.

I am doing better. Had a couple of blah days, but today back to attempting to get things done. Although I tried to vacuum and did about ten square inches before I had to come sit down due to pain, pain, pain. How am I supposed to function if I can barely stand up for any length of time? Frustrated. I want to do things, I am in the right frame of mind, I have enough energy to last several minutes, and then ow! Bah! Also, humbug. I was invited to a friend’s home for my birthday, but I had to say no because I have not been vaccinated yet, and even when I am, it’s a month before it’s really taken effect. My birthday is the 20th, so not enough time even if I got the shot today. Well, darn!

Which reminds me. (sheesh, you know) There are things I say all the time. Things I do, like, is it Spoonerisms when you transpose the first letters of words? I do this constantly. Of course I cannot think of one instance now that I need it. So it occurs to me, maybe this is part of the spectrum issues. I have mentioned to Tess many times that it’s like I have brain glitches. Maybe it’s that. Asperger’s. I have lots of things that fit. I have a tendency to fixate on something. Example: in high school I had a mad crush on a boy who lived down a street we passed every day on the way to school and the grocery store and the park. Every day I looked down that street. Every single time we passed it. But then I realized what I was doing and was able to force myself to not look. I find similar things happen even now, but I am able to be aware and change my behavior. I have also done stimming most of my life without realizing what it was. Lots of thing I’ve done I thought was just because I was weird, and never knew they were actually things, and that other people did them too. I only ever learned recently about stimming from things I read on Tumblr. I love Tumblr. 🙂 Life is weird, don’t you think? Anyway, that’s my big whatever for today. Happy April, everyone.