If’s cold, and going to get much colder, if the weather people are correct. Came across this post in a favorite blog just now, speaking about the possible effects on plants of the record warm December we had (and wasn’t that a terrible sentence?):

Growing With Plants

The house and gardens are in Worcester, about 40 miles Northwest of me. Anyway, it reminded me that Thursday, when my friend Tess took me to lunch, I had noticed that the trees were looking ‘spring-ish’. They sort of look fuller. Hard to describe, so took a couple pics just now. Not sure if you can see what I mean, though. Since my Nexus died, I only have my cell phone camera, which isn’t bad, but not as good as the Nexus was. Stupid Nexus.010216


This one was taken New Year’s Eve. There was quite a bit of fog, and it was swirling beautifully under the light. Doesn’t show well here, but you maybe get the idea. IMG_20151231_011037

Last night, I saw a few snowflakes under that same light. I don’t like the light, it makes it too bright in here at night unless I close the curtains, but I can see the weather very well in it. There’s a plus to most things, it seems. Even the irritating ones.

And here’s Gertrude, just because.
2015-12-29 15.47.44

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