So. It Was A Day.

A bright sunshiny one and not too cold. Went to see the ortho’s PA. Usually try to buy lunch for my friend Tess when she gives up her time to drive me places. We were going to do Mexican, but today was the worst pain yet for my knee, and I wasn’t really able to be very mobile. So we opted for Colonel Sanders, eating in the car. I have not eaten KFC for years, and was really looking forward to it. I haven’t had mashed potatoes and gravy for years either, and was REALLY looking forward to that. Well, it turns out the potatoes were instant, the gravy tasted like it came from a packet, and the chicken tasted nothing like KFC used to taste. Even the biscuit was crap. What has happened to food? It was so disappointing.We got popcorn chicken. The mashers barely filled half the bowl, either. kfc

Got to use a wheelchair at the appointment, because major pain. bad kneeTurns out the knee is so bad, I am going to get it replaced. A new knee. Yay. I think. They were really, really nice, and even though the actual Doctor is very busy, he decided to squeeze me in next week to get started on the getting fixed train. Disruption of life, being in hospital and then rehab, but living on the couch is not really living.

march2013 055I’m pretty sure my friend Tess (how did I get so lucky?) will come and feed/water Gertrude and clean out the litter box, although I haven’t asked her yet. She’s good like that. I just want this done since I am feeling much better in general now that I’ve got the Prednisone dose correct again. I want to be able to do things, and right now pain rules. Only when I stand and walk, though, thank goodness. Sitting is fine, lying down is fine. I am doing a lot of both. I have my bottled water, and my snacks and my open box eat contents food around me, along with my phone, my Kindles, my laptop. It’s all good. So long as I don’t get up. LOL

Fenway_Park01Yesterday, I ordered a burger and salad from Papa Gino’s. Talking to delivery guy, I asked about the Fenway Pasta. He said it’s only on during baseball season, and they are currently featuring pulled pork on everything. Oh, well. Baseball season starts in April, so I’m told. I can wait.

6 thoughts on “So. It Was A Day.

  1. Knee replacement! Wow, that should fix it. I know someone who had her hip replaced and is sooo happy now. Didn’t take as long to recover as I would have thought, either. I think they like to get people up and moving asap these days, better for recovery. Gertrude is going to be mighty annoyed with you not being on the sofa full-time, but she’ll get over it.

    • I worry about recovery time, because fibromyalgia messes with your pain, in that you have pain when nothing is actually wrong. But the hospitalization is only a couple of days, then I’m not sure how long in rehab, but not long, then a physical therapist will come here to work with me. Gertrude will just have to get over herself. LOL

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