Another Day On The Couch


It’s getting to me, the not being able to do much of anything. I’m feeling relatively good otherwise, and being forced into inactivity when I want to do things is very frustrating. Going to call Rheumy tomorrow and hopefully get MRI and get this sorted soon. It’s been three weeks of doing nothing that isn’t reading or using laptop, and taking pain meds. Fun stuff. The more inactive you are, the harder it becomes to be active. Learned that after the whole pleurisy thing. I’ve never really recovered from that forced inactivity debacle.

Thank the universe for the internet. At least I have a connection to the world. I read a variety of blogs, and comment sometimes, and sometimes people even comment back to me. So I don’t feel completely isolated. I don’t know why only one person ever comments here. I have followers and lots of hits, but no comments. Am I just too dull and boring, or what? The blogs I read have loads of comments. I could get a complex here, people.

As I mentioned, my friend Tess took me to lunch the other day, and then for a ride, since I couldn’t walk much at all and that was very painful, even after taking six, yes six, pain pills. Three ibuprofen, and then three Tylenol a couple hours later when it became evident that the ibu was not helping. Neither did the combo, really, although I can’t imagine the pain level without them. Oh, I just want my life back. I’ve been ill for so long, and gradually getting worse, mainly due to the inactivity caused by the miserableness of fibromyalgia.

Oh, when DD was here last weekend, we were discussing this, and Prednisone and all, and in the course of googling some things, discovered another frustrating thing. Rheumy told me, when I got better after starting Prednisone, that Pred does not affect fibro, so maybe I don’t have it after all. But googling several medical sites, like Mayo Clinic, WebMD, etc, we found other articles saying that it does help. Some were yes, some were no. Nobody knows for sure, I guess. I still think fibro is the diagnosis they give you when they don’t have a clue what is wrong. That way they can give you pills and send you on your way and not feel like failures. I guess. Yes, really not happy with modern medicine and the really horrific health-care system that HMOs and lobbyists have created for us here in the US. I can’t fix it, though. Until enough people get brains and vote the morons in Congress and the Senate out of office, nothing can change anyway.

Gertrude is snoring next to me. LOL She is such a cute cat, and good company when she is not hiding somewhere. She’ll never be as in-your-face as my Simon was, but she’s still a great cat.

This is my Simon. I still miss him. I think I always will. He was my first ‘just mine’ animal, and was such a good companion. Kept me hoping, and owned me. My DD came up with my ‘slave to simon’ email because I really was. Simon 2004

Sorry about the having to correct things after I’ve posted. My brain is on vacation, or just totally fed up with the whole thing.

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