Does This Sound Like Me?

New Zealand
You are an adventurous individual who enjoys being outdoors and spending time being active. You are a risk taker and have no problem striking up a conversation with a total stranger. When you travel you love to get to know the locals, and their customs, and are always up for a challenge. You thrive in a culture where others share your deep appreciation for land, and believe life is best lived outdoors. You love a hard hike, but also love the water and are happy to spend a day beach side. You thrive in a society with diversity and appreciate a simpler way of living. You are keen on learning about cultures and customs that are different than your own, and enjoy a deep conversation, whether it be philosophical or spiritual. You are not a city dweller by any means, and definitely believe that life is something to explore and experience firsthand. This country gives you endless opportunities to live both an active lifestyle and enjoy the company of new found friends.

I Say It Again

Paul RuddPeople actually voted this Steve King into office.  This is why it is so important for those of us with actual working brains to get out there and vote for each and every office, even though I know they don’t make voting exactly easy or convenient.  It still matters.

Polis Proposes “Restrain Steve King from Legislating Act” – U.S. Representative Jared Polis.

It’s A Day

I am somewhat more functional than yesterday, but not much.  Had a bath with cider vinegar added, which seems to help for some unknown reason.  I was going to make the olive oil/vinaigrette joke here, but it’s way old.  I know, because it’s my joke and I first used it several years ago.  So there.

There’s a post in Tumblr asking for prayers for Nepal.  I think giving some money to Doctors Without Borders and other agencies sending actual help would be a good idea, but then I’m a practical person, I think.  Asking some invisible sky man to help seems kind of non-helpful.  Words are easy, actually doing something takes a little more effort.

Here’s an ad.  Yes, it’s an ad, but it’s a nice one: