Can anyone recommend any? Seems like every new book I read was written by high schoolers with no talent. Shallow and formulaic. I want a book I can get my teeth into, if that phrase is still in use. I like mysteries, and nonfiction, some sci-fi. Not fantasy or had-I-but-knowns. Had I But Known is a phrase I believe I coined for books where there are two guys and a girl and she picks the wrong one. Had she but known he was a serial killer, married, gay, an accountant, she most certainly would have picked the other nerdy, not-as-cute, boring and ordinary guy. You know those books. Or bodice-rippers, as I’ve seen them referred to in Torchwood fanfiction. I don’t read those, either.16715 A book with heart. One that makes you feel like the author had a story to tell, wasn’t just hoping for a movie deal or writing to a formula. Every so many pages THIS happens. There are a lot of popular books like that. I don’t want them. I am a picky reader, so it would seem. Since I can’t really get to the library to see the actual book and decide, I could use some ideas, people. Please.
book cupcakes
The Perfect Storm. Now that was a book. I won’t watch the movie, because as I’ve mentioned before, the director’s imagination can in no way top mine, I’m sure. I liked The Hunger Games Trilogy. Again, won’t watch the movie. I guess I’ve mentioned this before. But please, I am desperate for something to read. I just dumped two books from my reader that sounded great but turned out to be about ghosts, and the supernatural, and ooeeooee crap. Real life is fine for me. I used to love Sue Grafton, but I recently tried to reread something cause it’s been quite a while, and it just didn’t do it for me anymore. Made me sad. I’ve read all of Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Conan Doyle, long time ago. I used to keep a Book book, wherein I kept a list of books I’ve read and books I wanted to read. It seems to have vanished into the ether, even though it existed in the real world. 🙂mouseThe Spencer books. I loved those. Robert B. Parker. Maybe the library has them in e-book format. Dick Francis. All surround some aspect of horseracing, since he was the Queen’s jockey at one point. Turns out his wife actually wrote them, and they weren’t in depth reading, but a nice light read. I think I’ve finally gotten past my complete and total Torchwood fanfic addiction, although I still read it every day, and am ready to get back to books, books, books. I love books. I remember shopping at Barnes and Noble, back when I had money to spare, and coming home with bags of books. I miss those days. Or going to the library, and coming home with bags of books as well. I am a reader. icable sucksI figured out I watch four hours of tv weekly, and am seriously thinking of dumping the tv part of cable, if they’d just give me a good internet-only deal. Which they won’t. There is PBS, thank goodness, otherwise it’s all commercials. I hate commercials. I used to find tv watching relaxing, now it’s just waiting for the next actual bit of the show break between commercials. Nope. Not doing that. There’s nothing I want to see that bad, and if there was, I’d watch it on Hulu or Amazon. Or wait for it to come out on Netflix. I love Netflix.

owl-clipart-black-and-white-4TbKx8jTgGod, I am a rambling mess tonight. Was really tired and my body is really hurting today, so napped on the couch. Now I am good to go. At 12am. Story of my life. My homemaker today said I am an Owl. There are Owls and Larks, apparently, although I’m not sure where she got that from. I am a night person to the core and have been my entire life. I cannot understand why the world will not adapt to my schedule. It is so unfair.