The Sun

rayswhen you need it. This video is mesmerizing. The Sun

I am not very communicative lately. Dealing with constant pain is very wearing. I managed to get out briefly yesterday with a friend, though. It was a gorgeous day that took three extra-strength Excedrins and two cups of coffee to get outside to enjoy. My fingers hurt. Bah! Also, humbug!

Send me cheery stuff, people. I need some cheer. Please. My email is in the upper right. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “The Sun

    • I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to matter. Today it’s colder, and I am a bit worse, but yesterday was warm and I was better, then Tuesday was also warm and I was in a lot of pain. I can never seem to pin it down to anything in particular, what I’ve eaten, weather, whatever. I do often need a ‘recovery’ day after I’ve been out, but the only thing I can really say has a noticeable effect is sleep. The better I sleep, the less pain, generally speaking, but then again, not always. It’s a puzzlement. πŸ™‚

      For those really bad (really bad) days, with the shooting pains and all, I almost always have a noticable change the night before. Really achy shoulders, for instance. This last time, my fingers hurt quite a lot when I was getting ready for bed. My fingers don’t hurt as a general rule, just when things are really bad, so I should have had a clue that the next day was going to be bad. I used to be more aware before that miserableness from almost two years ago now.

      Not ‘poor me-ing’, btw, just telling how it is/was/has been/whatever. LOL

      • This is so freakin’ bizarre! But I wonder if it’s not the temperature do much as the barometric pressure: Himself will ache like mad on a sunny, hot day, but the next day will be cloudy and we’ve put two-and-two together. It’s that change that is doing it.

        Why the hell can’t they figure out what’s wrong? You said they did test for Lupus, right?

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