vote02I didn’t vote. Yes, I am a horrible human being. I just could not manage to get there. I should have planned ahead and asked for a ballot to me sent to me. I’ve done that before. But planning ahead is not my thing. Living in the moment, coping with the pain. Which the ibuprofen seems to have given up on helping with. Yay.

I was really pleased that Scott Brown was defeated in NH. He was talking to people on the sidewalk here in Mass when he ran for office here last time. I was walking down the sidewalk (better days), He turned and looked at me, but apparently I wasn’t up to scratch, because he looked at me and deliberately turned his back to me. Sorry, Mr. Snob. Never voting for you for anything. You want to represent me, at least have the courtesy to acknowledge my presence. A nod, a quick hi’, something. But no.

I was very not happy that Martha Coakley lost to Charlie Baker. We’re Massachusetts. We’re supposed to have a brain. But, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain, right?

Anybody out there have any ideas for dealing with pain that does NOT involve ibuprofen or Tylenol or Aleve? I would like to be able to function now and then.

There’s a program called Second Opinion that I’ve seen sometimes. One ep they discussed allocation of resources, and how doctors decide who to give their resources and attention to, beyond the ‘here, have a pill and go away’ stuff. Since I am not Jane Goodall , Sophia Loren, or Mrs. Gotrocks, (Important, beautiful, young, rich. Those are the criteria, it seems.) I am in the latter category. ‘Take three aspirins and never call me again.’ So nobody really tries to help with pain management. I am not worth the effort. Like I’m not worth giving a polite nod to on the street.

So that’s my whine for today. Aren’t you glad you checked in?

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