Random Thoughts And All

Went to dermatologist, don’t have skin cancer after all. Yay. Nurse Practitioner was mistaken, I am happy to say.

racismI am very, very troubled by the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson. I listened to the statement last night, and I was struck by the fact that twelve shots were fired into a boy who had stolen cigarillos. Some of those were fired while he was bent over and far away from the shooter. This isn’t worth further examination? Is this not excessive force? I think if Michael Brown was white, things would have gone very differently. This is America, after all, where we only pretend to not be racist.

EVILThe other thing that really bothers me is Google. I love Google. I use a lot of their products. I have, use, and love their Nexus 7. But they seem to have abandoned their motto of ‘Do No Evil’. I just read yesterday that they have had a game on Google Play for some time that allows the player to kill naked gay men who are ‘attacking’ the player. Seriously, Google? If that’s not evil, tell me what is? This is appalling.

Then there’s the immigration thing. The reaction disturbs me, but is not really unexpected. What can you do? Not much, apparently, about any of it. Too bad.

On a better note, it’s going to snow tomorrow. I like snow. And rain. Not like Buffalo, but reasonable amounts of either. I kept thinking, upon seeing the pictures from Buffalo, ‘aren’t those roofs going to collapse?’, and some did. Dig out your car first? NO! Clean off your roof, people. Use your brains. It was pretty, though.

Update: From the National Bar Association re Ferguson Grand Jury decision:


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