I am not doing as well as I was, thanks to my doctor messing with my meds.  I have been pretty depressed lately because of it, and yesterday I was feeling very stressed and on the verge of an anxiety attack. Haven’t had one in quite a long time.
So.today I am trying to rally and work at being “normal”.  Ha!  I dropped crumbled bacon bits on the floor right off (very bad if cat eats pork). Made a mess trying to cook a pancake, because I don’t do mornings, and there’s the reason for that.  I usually have coffee for breakfast, and even that rarely goes well.  Messes R Us.

Took a break decide to attempt crocheting something.  I used to make a lot of crocheted items.  Had to cut off my tangle of yarn twice, but opted not to try again after the second time.  Another break, decided to cook something that has been needing it for a bit.  Trying cheese danish with crescent rolls.  Didn’t do too bad, only small mess, but they are baking, so the verdict is not in yet.  Also steamed broccoli that was getting past its goodness date, forgot to lower heat, black pan and semi-blackened broccoli.  Haven’t started to grate the cheese yet.  Probably a bad idea anyway.  Feeling very useless, worthless and frustrated, and if I cried, I’d be doing it now.  Oh, well.  Back to the kitchen.  Don’t seem to have any kind of future, so no going back to it.