A Good Day

So I was at the hospital for about three hours today, having x-rays and blood work, etc, Turns out my potassium levels are LOW so I am to start on a supplement ASAP. It was kind of fun. I got pushed around in a wheel chair by various nice people, since I cannot walk any distance, even with the walker. I can stand, apparently, since I had to for some of the x-rays. Had fun with my friend Tess afterwards. She drove me to and from. She has been without landline and internet since Thursday, since Verizon cannot seem to fix anything in a timely manner. A wire was down up the street and they sent a guy to pick it up, but not one to fix it. Every day, they tell her the guy is coming, every day he is a no-show. At least she got to check her email here today.

Tomorrow is my homemaker day, and my friend Beth is coming for a visit, and Tess is coming over again as well. I’m up for fun. Yes. Yes I am. LOL