Thinky Thoughts

Good morning. It is not even 8am and I am up, dressed, and ready to go to the orthopedist. Yay, me. Last night I was finalizing plans with Tess and I suggested we go to breakfast after. Seriously, folks. I can barely hobble along, how am I supposed to go to breakfast? Did not occur to me til later. This got me thinking.

I forget that I am ill. I forget that I can barely hobble along at the moment. As a general rule, I do not think about being ill or whatever problem I’m having physically at the moment. Sure, there are times it all gets me down, but usually I just chug along going with the flow and forget. I kind of think that’s a good thing. I’m not my illness, I’m a person with some limitations, yes, but I’m a person, not an illness. I kind of think it’s a good thing.