Wow. I was really tired yesterday, a whole day after my appointment with the orthopedist. In bed by 11pm, got up at 4pm today. I can also stay awake for days at a time. Interesting? Well, maybe not.

I am hobbling a bit better, and can walk without the cane or walker when I first get up, but only briefly. I will need surgery, however. Oh, joy.

I had the windows open a bit yesterday and overnight, and tonight it is in the 30’s and windy. Not much going in when you sleep all day, but my friend Beth is coming for a visit Tuesday and that will be fun. Really looking forward to it. Haven’t seen her in awhile due to my stupid fibro issues. I’m actually just looking forward to everything, I think. Feeling very positive and energetic mentally, and want to DO something. Don’t know what, but something. That’s it for today.