Well, at least it’s interesting

To me, anyway. I think I’ve had a low-grade infection for some considerable time.
A while back, I had a brief episode of vertigo. Virus, doctor said.
Then in June, I had a sinus infection. Even my palate (roof of mouth) hurt. Five days of super-anitbiotic. Worked.
Then the sinus problem gradually came back. Off to the doctor on Friday. Prescribed two weeks of antibiotics. Computer slow, but he will get it there. Probably won’t be ready for an hour and a half. Out to dinner with mah friends. Three hours later, go to drugstore, no scrip. They call doctor. Doctor gone on vacation. NO SCRIP! Have to wait til Monday when back-up doctor will be available. Drugstore will call him and hope he can get into my records to find what was prescribed and call it in. Time for a new doctor. Went on vacation and left me with an infection and no meds. Meanwhile, had to cancel weekend with other friends because of having a temperature and feeling lousy from infection, and now feeling even worse today.

At least it’s raining. Rain is always nice, so long as it behaves and doesn’t come down in buckets like it’s done in some parts of the country/world.

Why can’t I win? It all just seems to be conspiring against me. I want my life back, please.

What else is good? Let’s see. Ate some bing cherries yesterday that were out-of-this-world perfect and delicious. Have some left to eat today, too. Have ripe mangoes in frig, always a good thing. Also bacon. I have bacon. Everything goes with bacon, right? I just have to cook some, and voila! Happy mouth. Happy tummy. Bacon!! I only buy it once or twice a year, because I love bacon! And it’s supposedly not that good for you. Ha! Like I care at this point. Since nothing I do makes any difference to how I feel or whether or not I sleep, I’ve even started having coffee whenever I darn well feel like it, instead of only once a day when I get up. And the other day, I ate a protein bar, a small bag of kettle chips, and a carton of maple-walnut ice cream. And nothing ese. If you do all (some?) of the right things (for ‘right’ read ‘things that are supposed to make life better), and they don’t make life better, why bother? That’s my new motto. I don’t give a fuck*, I’m doing what I want when I want, cause nothing works anyway. I like it. 🙂 *Yes, my children, yomama swears. A lot, actually. Get over it. LOLOL

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