Okay, Now I’m Just Bragging

Four good days IN A ROW! Got my kitchen drawers organized, made the world’s best pizza, organized my desk, unloaded the dishwasher. I am on a roll. Won’t say I hope it lasts, but I hope it lasts.

DD sent light this am, and I woke up in less pain and feeling better than I have in a long time. DD is a healer. Seriously, I am a skeptic, but it really does seem to help. Here is her site:

As You Wish

We are bracing for Hurricane Irene, which I really don’t think is going to have much effect where I am, but making sure to have water, etc., just in case. Enough meds for a week, also. When we first moved here, way back in the paleolithic era, a hurricane just skirted New England, and I remember the sky went this really eerie greenish color for awhile. Spooky. Never seen anything like it before. We never had a hurricane in Colorado, to my knowledge. Hailstorms, yes, but no hurricanes. 🙂

I hope everyone has taken precautions if they live in a danger zone. Pick up loose items in your yard. Very important. Flying objects can kill people. Be safe, people.

2 thoughts on “Okay, Now I’m Just Bragging

  1. I started developing symptoms of fibro in the mid-70s: chest pain (costochondritis), pain in the back of my neck when I mopped the floor, upper arm pain, irritable bowel syndrome, an achiness in my arms and legs like I was coming down with the flu (but no fever). And the tender points; my husband thought I was rejecting him and the kids because I didn’t want to be hugged or even held close, but it hurt too much. The symptoms worsened with the death of my brother in the late 70s from cancer, so I became paranoid thinking I had cancer or heart trouble. In 1991, I was at the doctor’s office with another bout of IBS. She touched a tender point (left rib area) and ordered a complete bone scan. When it came up with nothing, she referred me to a rheumatologist. I have been under his care for both fibro and DJD. I was able to continue working, but I was never able to move up the corporate ladder because I was too slow. Also I took many Mondays off (usually asked for ahead of time because I had a “hard” weekend planned) because I had done too much over the weekend. I worked until full retirement age, but it was hard.

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