Just Came Across This Quote

“The moral test of a society is how that society treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . the children; those who are in the twilight of life . . . the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life . . . the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.”

—Hubert Humphrey

Our society protects the wealthiest, at the expense of the rest of us. My friend Tess and I frequently puzzle over what has happened to people. The ability to think, reason, understand, seems to have transmogrified into mindless belief of whatever they are told, regardless of science, what their eyes can see in front of them, regardless of proof of the opposite. It is rather frightening, when you think about it. We joke that it is cyclamates. Neither of us ever drank soda that contained cyclamates. Cyclamates were banned as being detrimental to health. We have decided that brain health was the biggest victim, thus we are the only two people left who have critical thinking, reasoning abilities. We blame cyclamates for the state of the country. It’s funny, except that it isn’t. But too much thinking about it is just terrifying. When the citizenry has lost the ability to reason and think for themselves, is there any hope left? I’m afraid not, people. Seriously.

On the illness front, I have had to pass up another weekend with friends due to still having this crappy infection and feeling like…well, not feeling great. I’m not even half way through the antibiotics, though, so there is still hope that I will get better. I will be looking for a new doctor this week, however. You can’t go on vacation and leave me with an infection in my head and no meds and expect to keep me as a patient. No, you really can’t.

On the life in general front, is it autumn yet? I am really not in love with humidity, and this has been a particular humid summer. And hot. And icky. I do try to appreciate each season for what it has to offer, but summer is the hardest one for me to love. I do not like being sticky. I don’t like messy food, either. Except mangoes and watermelon. They can be as messy as they want, cause they are just good. Oh, yeah.

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