>It’s Raining

Again. I do love the rain. I decided to add my ‘buck up, sir’ song to the sidebar. It reminds me that I am not a quitter, even though I start circling the black hole now and then.

My friend’s back surgery seemed to go well, and she will be home today. Her hubby has to do the housework for a few weeks. He is not well-trained in housework, but I say, so long as it gets done, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Or maybe it’s Flylady who says that.

I have been getting annoying calls several times a day for the past several days. Unknown name and number. If I let it go to machine, it cuts off as soon as machine picks up. If I brave it and answer, same thing happens. It starts around 8:45 am, which is practically the middle of my night, so my only alternative is to turn off the ringer and let the machine pick up all the time. Or just get up at 8:45 am. Nooooooooooooo!!!! I am NOT a morning person, nor have I ever been. It’s only gotten worse since I got fibro/cfs.

I seem to have lost my three whole followers on here. Whether it’s because they disagree with my take on things, or a glitch with Blogger, I guess time will tell. Such is the way of things, right?

My friend being out of commission for so long has made me face up to how dependent I have become. I knew it, of course, but kept it in the place I put things I don’t want to think about. So I have determined to at least attempt some independence. After the bad experiences I had before I gave up going out alone, it is a somewhat scary prospect, especially if I don’t have a back-up person I can call if I get into trouble. Fortunately I know someone who has offered to be that person for now, so I just have to get my courage up and take a lot of pain pills on the day. I’ll let you know how it goes, IF it goes.

EDIT: My followers are back. Must have been a glitch. I’m glad they’re back.