>A good day

>Except I haven’t heard anything from my friend who had the back surgery, or her hubby. Hope all is well.

I made a new friend today. Sort of, anyway. The guy who came to do the a/c maintenance and I started talking and we found out we both love Mythbusters and horse/tractor pulling. LOL We were throwing back episodes of Mythbusters to each other: Did you see the one where…? Did you see….? He is not a geek, in spite of being young enough to still live at home with his parents. I thought everyone in that age group was a geek. He also isn’t into sci-fi. What? No Battlestar Galactica, the new version? We had a really good chat with laughing, and he showed me a picture on his cell phone of a lawnmower from a lawnmower race at a fair he went to with his parents the other day. It was a good day.

Here’s something I just came across. I would have just posted the vid, but the comments are quite interesting reading, too. I have never listened to Glenn Beck, but if this is representative of what he’s saying, OMG. OMG OMG that there are people out there who believe what he says and agree with him. I think I ‘ll immigrate to some deserted island somewhere. Here’s the link:


>A Favorite Song

>One of them, anyway, but redone for SCIENCE. I love science.

It is another gray and cool day. Actually had to close the windows around 6pm yesterday cause it was in the fifties in here, and I was cold. Opened one slightly later because I need fresh air. I fired up my fake fire last night briefly, too. Nice.

One of my friends is having back surgery today for a herniated disc that has been causing severe pain. Hoping it goes well. I am having a good day myself. Rearrange the kitchen a bit. I had to empty the closet in the bedroom for the a/c guys to update the central-heating filter and whatever, so I am in the reorganizing frame of mind. Since I can’t do the bedroom til they come and go, I did the kitchen instead. Yay, me.

Is anyone watching Rubicon on AMC? I really like it. It’s fascinating to watch the team figure things out, putting this bit of info together with those bits of info and coming up with something completely new and different. And scary. Then there’s Will. Oh, clever and brilliant guy. Really good actor playing him, James Badge Dale, who I had not been aware of before. If you like brainy shows, this is the one for you.

Here’s the song: