>It’s Hot

>Did I say it’s HOT?

I know, I’ve been quiet for awhile. It’s hot, I’ve been alone most of the time, and I get used to not communicating. Also, I’ve been alone most of the time, so there really isn’t a lot going on to blog about. Been doing okay with the illness. Still having the up all day and all night, sleep all day and all night thing off and on. Not much I can do about it. I’ve been kind of bummed, too. Being alone all the time does that, I guess.

I did manage to go through all of my music and video files and do a good clear out of duplicates and things I ask myself, “Why am I saving this?”. Backed them all up to sticks, too, as well as the usual Mozy backup. I am going to see if I can put my vids on DVD to watch on tv. I assume I can do that, but haven’t ever tried it. Research time, it seems.

Here’s an extended video of “Where in the World is Matt?”, from today’s Astronomy of the Day picture. I like this vid.


2 thoughts on “>It’s Hot

  1. >What an accomplishment to organize your music and videos!Do you not get out much because of Fibromyalgia? Most of the time I feel it would be easier to hybernate and not go out. I must force myself to get out. I know I will pay for it later if I go. But I hate missing having fun, if I can go.Hugs, Deb

  2. >Hi Deb. Nice to get a comment.It's difficult to explain the not going out, which is only partly due to the fibro/cfs. That part of it means I get very tired quickly, and the tireder I get, the more brain-fog I have, and I sometimes can't think clearly about how to get home when I have absolutely NO energy left. So I usually go out with someone else who can get me home when I can't. I was always a walker. I loved walking, and like most of my old life, that is no longer an option. Someday, when I'm really feeling bummed, maybe I'll post about the other reasons I don't go out. Maybe. *smile*

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