>Two Things

>One: I seem to have lost my friend Jukka, and I don’t know why. This makes me sad.

Two: I lost my internet connection several days ago. After trying everything I ever heard of to fix it, I got on the phone with Comcast and a nice tech tried to help with no success. Decided to do a clean install………oooo, scary, right? Not! It was very easy, much more so than I had been led to believe by what I read. Anyway, didn’t help. Back on the phone next day with Comcast where a lovely tech named Hugo worked with me for several hours. It developed that it was not a Comcast problem but man is Hugo ever a geek so he keep on trying to figure out the problem. We tried everything, but after we figured out a driver was missing (where did it go, people? I ask you.) we tried every driver on the disc and none were correct. By then, I was telling Hugo for the third time that he really needed to get back to his job. He did not want to quit, but I insisted. I love Hugo. Yes, yes I do. Anyway, he had pointed me in the right direction and I finally found the file on the Dell site after much messing about on there. So I am back with a ‘new’ computer, and have been re-installing my security software, winamp, vlc, and my fav Firefox extensions. I am one happy lady.