>Holocaust Remembrance Day



Whenever I am reminded of this, of Bosnia, of Rwanda, it always makes me think: Those who did these terrible things were people just like me, people with mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. If they are capable of inflicting such horrors onto others, would I be capable of doing the same in the same circumstances? Would I forget my humanity just as easily as they did? Could I turn into a monster, too? Buddhism teaches ‘right’ living, thinking, working. ‘Right’ meaning in a way that does no harm to oneself or others. (Link below) Would I be able to remember that? Would I be able to live that? These thoughts and ideas scare me. That I could be one of those people who could/would commit such atrocities on my fellow humans. I think that is why it is important to never forget these things happened. Because they can just as easily happen again, and in fact, are happening in various places around the world right now. I am shamed by this, and by my inability to do anything to stop it.


I see I have lost a follower. Not everyone can agree with my positions, I understand that. I have been angry with the world recently, and it has shown in this blog. Less about being ill, more about political and religious ideas. Rather than ceasing to follow, it would be good if people would comment with their own ideas, whether it is disagreeing with me, agreeing with me, or providing a completely different point of view. I am not close-minded, I am just opinionated. I like hearing other points of view, I like debate, I like learning, even if it means I learn I am wrong. Speak up people. I know you’re out there.