(Wrote this last night. Computer decides it’s time to go to bed, so here it is now.)

I tried to do some. Where I could put in the actual vid instead of the link, I did. I hate having to copy and paste a link, but I cannot figure out why the ones on here are not clickable. It annoys me as much as it must annoy my readers, and I am sorry I cannot figure it out. If anyone out there knows how, I’d appreciate a heads-up.

Had a good day. Homemaker, friend came over, and I actually cooked dinner for myself. Was going to watch tv tonight, but sometime into NCIS friend called for pc help. So I just decided to wait for On Demand. Both NCISs are on it, and The Good Wife is too, I think. I’m not devoted to any of these except for the original NCIS—-McGee Is The Man—-so it’s no big deal. I find myself watching less and less tv every week. Sometimes I don’t even turn it on to see if there’s anything on I WANT to watch. I’ve totally bailed on shows I used to watch religiously. I just get bored when the commercial comes on and shut it down. No attention span, or too many commercial breaks? You decide. LOL