>Funny Article


I regularly read a site that loves number six.  Fortunately, if I click on ‘print’ on that page, it shows me the entire article on one page.  How clever.  Couldn’t they just set it up that way in the first place?  Nooooooo.  LOL  Here’s the link:  http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2009-06-12-n54.html

I am trying out a new (to me) Firefox extension.  Scribefire.  It allows you to post to your blog without actually having to open it.  Let’s see if it works. 


>Why can’t I reply to a comment? Why, why, why? Here’s my reply to the comment on the previous post.

“Last time I did stairs, once down and once back up cause elevator wasn’t working, I could barely walk for several days afterwards. And really, I attribute all my woes to illness, not age. The government, however, considers me ‘old’. What do they know? yomama”