>The Digital Revolution

>Today is the first day of all-digital tv, so I hooked up my little eight dollar antenna I bought a while back, and low and behold, I can get seventeen channels, including the ones I watch most. I plan to leave it hooked up for a bit and if I don’t miss anything, I am so dropping cable. It irks me to have to give them so much money when there’s so little to watch. Our local On-Demand has ‘F’ or even sometime ‘z’ movies. Forget ‘b’ movies, there are only a few of them. I’ll also dump the phone service, which I never really liked. If the power is out, or the modem goes off for some reason, there is no phone service. I have my cell, but a landline is still a good thing to have. So that’s my digital rant for today.

I admit to feeling a bit depressed lately. I’ve been in more than out, which is never a good thing, but also, I am struggling with wanting to do things for myself and not being sure if I can’t because I’m ill, or I’m just old. I used to ride the bus, but haven’t in a few years. Could I still manage it with some groceries or other shopping? Would the legs be too painful and give out from the fatigue, or would I build more strength by doing? When I first got sick, I had recently moved to a third-floor apartment. I remember thinking that my legs would get so strong from going up and down stairs, but instead, I was able to do less and less. I stopped buying heavy groceries like juice and milk because it was just too tiring to carry them up the stairs. I stopped doing my laundry at work because lugging it up and down stairs was too much for me. So now that I’m in worse shape in general, and also a good ten years older, what does that mean for me? Could I manage without my homemaker. Could I get around without my wonderful friend Tess who drives me everywhere? I don’t know, and it has been worrying me. Really, you have to have something to worry about, right? It’s the nature of the human being to worry, apparently. Oh, well. I’ll feel better about it all tomorrow. I hope.