>Here are sources I based my warning on. The last one has their TOS. I know my blog is nothing special, so I was really pleased when I got the initial email, thinking “Gee, someone must see something of value here, that I’m not aware of.” But I always research anything that comes along, and I’m glad I did. I don’t think more than four people–two of them my children–actually read my blog anyway. How valuable a resource can it be? You decide, dear readers.







>Beware of Wellsphere

>I’m getting seriously unhappy with Blogger.com. It won’t even let me reply to a comment on my own blog. I wanted to post in response to the lovely post from Hua@wellspring. You’ll have to read it here instead:

After Googling wellsphere, it seems it is a scam to get the copyright to your blog. So any bloggers, beware. Always check before signing up for anything. excentric