>Not my best day. Didn’t sleep well, woken up early by phone call from my old friend Private Name, Private Number, dozed, up at 9:30, zoned in front of computer, back to bed at 1:30, up at 5:30. Fun day. Later a scan found a trojan on here and deleted it, but I need to be more careful. I usually scan everything before I install, but clearly I missed something.

It’s been beautiful spring weather the past couple of days. In the fifties. Yesterday and the day before I went out with a friend to Joanne’s and the Christmas Tree Shop. I got a nice 4 inch thick round cushion for Gertrude to veg on, a watering can at CTS for a dollar that was 7.99 in Joanne’s the day before. I also got some new dish cloths and dish towels at CST. Nice and nice and cheap, too.

There is so much that needs doing, it is not a good idea to use my energy running around and shopping, but who wouldn’t choose fun over cooking and decluttering? When you only have so many spoons, you HAVE to choose, and I usually choose getting out of here. I’m lucky I am able to. For a long time, I had no way to get anywhere and no one to go there with anyway. So I enjoy it a lot now that I can.

Sometimes I envy those of you with partners. Someone to lean on, to go places with, to take over when you are non-functional, but sometimes I think it’s much easier to be alone and not have to feel guilty all the time for not being able to do what’s needed. Sometimes, though, it would be heaven to have someone who would just make me a cup of tea. Happy Spring everyone.

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  1. >There are many days wherein I miss not having to do anything around here, especially cook. Like you said, there’s pros and cons to having a partner. 🙂

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