Gertrude and I observed Earth Hour last night. We played ‘bird’ for about 40 minutes, then sat quietly til the hour was up. It’s never truly dark in here since I live directly across from a convenience store, but it was peaceful and she enjoyed the game. She likes to play, that cat. She’s much more out-going now that Simon is gone, but still reacts badly to almost anything unusual. Under the bed she goes. Poor baby.

I was up late again, after sleeping yesterday, so didn’t get up til 3:30 today. I would so like to be ‘normal’ and sleep at night. It only ever lasts for a day or two in a row, then my inner clock goes haywire again.

It’s very gray and a bit foggy today, but still not too cold. It’s only in the low forties now, at 7pm. Green things are popping up here and there, too. Spring is sprung. I won’t bore you with the rest of that little ditty. *smile*

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  1. >I used to love staying up til 2 or 3 and then sleeping in; now my inner clock wakes me around 7-ish. Ugh. 4 years w/ a construction worker will do that to you. *L*It had been in the 70’s, then a couple days ago it SNOWED and was below freezing for two nights! Today is gray and gloomy (I hope it stays that way…believe me, one CAN get sick of sun) and around 50.

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