>I fix-ed my blog. I had help from the blogger group. An old post in not great english explained what to do. Happy Days.

I’m sorry Live Journal, but I just don’t love you like I do Blogger.

Update on my little old self. I think the combo of fibro, which doesn’t want me to sleep at night, and chronic fatigue, which wants me to sleep for ages, is really fighting with each other. I don’t think that’s good grammer, but I’ve been up all night. After several days of maybe sleeping three or four hours at a go, I slept all day one day then Monday night I went to sleep about 12:30am and woke up at 5:30 pm Tuesday, was up til 8:30 and had to go back to bed. Slept four more hours. Been up ever since. It is 10:30 Wednesday morning. My life is such fun. At least I am awake during daylight today. How refreshing. I cannot get this sleep thing under control, no matter how I try or what I do or what I take.

This evening I am going to a resident’s board meeting. It’s housing, because I get section 8 rental assistance from the housing department, and I am friends with the director and she asked me. Yay, me. Get to pretend to be a real person for a half hour or so. LOL

Spring is springing, although it’s still been pretty cold. There were one or two days where open windows were possible, and looking forward to more.

I cut my Zoloft down to 75 mls about a week ago, and my pain level has increased, but I am going to wait it out. I think the brain has to readjust itself whenever there is an increase/decrease in the meds, and that takes time. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

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