>What I did Today

>I had a very good day. That’s Gertrude, by the way. She’s not fat, but she sure is furry. Anyway, I got up at 11 or so, did my morning routine, got ready for my homemaker, and turned on the pc, of course. Homemaker came, homemaked, left, and my friend Tess came over. I took three extra-strength Excedrin, which I do when I will be walking at all. We went to Christmas Tree Shop, where I got a little bottle of citrus flavored mustard for a dollar, then to Walmart where I bought some cereal and things, a new trash bucket for the kitchen, and some filters for my Pur faucet attachment. Those things are expensive!! Then we bought Coolattas and went to her house, watched a movie, had dinner, gave her hubbies a hard time, and played on the computer. Came back here, played on the pc some more, she left, and now I am still on here at 1:20 am, when I should be in bed pretending that I can actually sleep at night. My life is so very exciting, but I do get to laugh an awful lot. Think I actually will go to bed now. I am having a good spell, without much pain and with a little bit of actual energy, so I am enjoying it as much as possible. And that’s all for today.

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