>ANother Official Announcement


Yes, I officially give up, yet again, the whole ‘but I don’t want to be a vampire’ struggle.  I have gone to bed at various times, with various or no sleep aids, and still have woken up around 3:30pm every day for a week or more.  So instead of berating myself and being depressed because I missed the day, I am just starting it when I get up as though it were 8am.  Today is the first day.  So far, it’s helping, except that I am so addicted to this darn internet that most of my time is still spent on here.  But……I have cleaned part of the frig, and am working on the rest.  Progress.  Life is too short to beat myself up over things which I definitely see to have no control.  So I choose to just be happy with whatever. And tonight is ‘Chuck’, so I’m just naturally happy anyway.

1 thought on “>ANother Official Announcement

  1. >My ‘normal’ schedule is staying AWAKE until 3 and then getting up around 10 or 11. Ahhhh…I miss those days. My boss is a complete night-owl, too, and my co-worker keeps pushing him to ‘be normal’, which pisses me off. Our bodies know what we need, so keep listening to it!

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