You are a        
     Social Liberal    
     (73% permissive)
     and an…    

      Economic Liberal     
     (1% permissive)
     You are best described as a:




















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>Well, it’s not THAT cold, but it’s pretty chilly. Had to close the living room window almost all the way. It’s windy, and it was coming right in. Brrrr! Not a great week. Really tired, and yesterday felt unwell with stomach and headaches. Better today.

Gettig excited about the new tv season, which is finally about to start. All my favorite summer shows are either over or were cancelled and not even on this summer. The 4400 comes to mind. Burn Notice, The Closer, not sure if Eureka has one more episode or not. But now comes Chuck The Big Bang, Betty and Grey’s. I love tv.