>It’s Time

> I like clock-changing time in the autumn. Get up, change clock, it’s an hour earlier. But now, in spring, I change them before bed. It’s a really hard adjustment either way for people with illness-related sleep problems. I’ve tried all sorts of adjustments, none of which work even a little bit. Oh, well.

It’s been a lovely week, weather-wise. Rainy some days, but not too cold and very pleasant to be outside. Went out a little Tuesday and Friday afternoon. I really would like to get out more, but it’s hard to motivate myself when I don’t have enough energy to get dressed. *smile* I got some books from the library, too. Real books. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been to the library, and it was a lovely feeling to bring home a handful of books. I do like to read, and I’ve read all of my own books so many times I can probably read them with my eyes closed.

I was watching Torchwood earlier and started feeling achy. Thought to self, “I must be coming down with something. Rats.” Then remembered that I feel like that every day. Torchwood can make you forget. It’s a good thing.

I also got a little cute webcam yesterday. It looks like a dinosaur. I wasn’t going to ever get one, but…..Anyway, cammed the cats to a friend last night, and today just turned it on myself, for myself, not broadcast. Oh, pretty depressing. I look so old, and fat, and sad. I’m not sad, generally, but old and fat? There’s just no getting around it. That does make me sad. Guess I’ll take my old, fat, sad self to bed. It’s an hour later than it is, at least until 2 am. Happy spring, everyone.

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