>One Day Later

>It went okay. I stayed up later than I should have, so when the alarm went off at 9, I stayed in bed and slept til 11:15 or so. But then I had a very good day. My friend came over and we went to Walmart and Shaw’s, back here, then to her house so I could help her with her laptop. It has gotten very slow and needed some serious tweaking. Then I stayed for dinner, did the dishes, gave her husband a hard time for watching Bill O’Rellly, and came back home where we played games on my pc for a couple of hours. Now I’m tired, but still feeling good. Very little pain today, for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Already took my pills tonight, and have the alarm set for 9am tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a warmer day tomorrow, but today was quite nice with light rain and coolish winds. I do love rain.

The picture is out my living room windows, taken in April of 2005. I hope the flowering pear trees are as nice this year. Some years they are amazing, and other years, not so much. The pansies were a birthday gift from friends. I love pansies, especially yellow ones. It was a good day, both the day I took the picture, and today. Tomorrow is April. I like April. *smile*

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