>Just Thinking

>This is a beautiful picture from my favorite Korean tv show, Winter Sonata. It was shown on AZN tv with subtitles, a real bonus since I speak no Korean. I came across it while surfing channels, and before I knew it, I was hooked by the music and then by the story itself. It did seem that everyone was always crying, and always wearing their coats, but it was winter, so……. I liked it so much I bought the DVD set on Amazon. Guilty pleasure, I think.

Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Been struggling with sleep issues again, and ever since I did the very short walk in the park a few weeks ago, my legs have been really painful and twitchy and uncomfortable. But I still think it was worth it. Being out, being in the park I seldom get to go to, spending time with my friend and the lovely little West Highland Terrier Misty. It was a good day. I even took some pictures of a tree top and some bark as well as the puppy.

I did cook yesterday, and the day before I had those fresh steam-in-bag veggies with ham. Those veggies are very nice. It takes more energy than I can spare to peel carrots and wash and cut up broccoli, or any veg for that matter, so having them ready to go in a bag you just nuke for a few minutes is a very good thing. I think you can just use them raw, too, for dipping or whatever, but I decided to go with the steaming.

I am trying, trying, to get organized. I did get the kitchen pretty well done finally, but now I have about four days worth of dishes waiting to be washed. I have to move a cart on wheels to get to the dishwasher, and there are too many to do by hand except in batches, which is how I got into this mess in the first place. Those darn dishes. Eating only finger foods would be nice, but boring.

I am stating here for all to see that I am going to follow a schedule. Take my pills at 11pm and set the alarm for 9am. And GET UP at nine, even if I didn’t sleep. Not sure how this will work, cause if I don’t sleep enough, I am pretty non-functional the next day, but I really want to have a normal sleep-wake pattern and I’ve tried everything else I can think of.

I had a compliment (I think) the other day. My homemaker came in from shopping and picking up a prescription for me, and as she came in the door she said, “You’re 64!”. “I will be next month”, I said. “I thought you were no more than 55”, she said, “but I just figured out your age”. Gee, I filmed myself for a couple of minutes with my new dinosaur webcam the other day, and I think I look like I’m 90. Or maybe I just feel like I’m 90. Being ill takes it out of you and ages you.

I read somewhere that I should have a post about myself, and a way for readers to contact me if I want to be a successful blogger. Thinking about it. That’s all for now.

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