And It’s A Light Bulb Moment

Had a bit of excitement a bit ago.  Someone screaming for help in the hallway.  Next door neighbor had fallen, so ambulance was called and all taken care of, but when I first heard her screaming, I was lying on the ouch in a lot of pain.  Managed to get to the door, out into the hall, convince another neighbor to stop grilling her about why she was in the hallway and just call the effing ambulance, waited, talked to EMT’s, etc.  The Light Bulb moment is that I am letting the pain dictate.  I can actually function to a certain degree, it’s my mind-set that is holding me back.  Good to know.  BTW, don’t waste time grilling people who are hurt, just call the effing EMT’s.  Sheesh!   Made sure the dog had food and water and her apt. door was locked, so she is in hospital now, and nosy neighbor is back where she belongs.  And I am enlightened.  It’s all good.