Been a tough month. Really struggling with pain and so so tired all the time. Had an interesting experience with Zoloft, which my doctor prescribed because she said I am under severe stress. Being in pain and always very tired makes it very difficult to do anything, which yes, is very stressful. I love my doctor. My daughter says she is Ayurvedic. I am going to ask at next appointment. Treats the person, not one specific thing. Anyway, the third day after starting the Z, I completely lost all motivation. Not depressed or anything, just no desire to do anything at all. I ate maybe once a day. After four days on the couch, doing absolutely nothing but feed the cat and read on my Kindle, I decided maybe it wasn’t a good idea to keep taking it. Got better right away. Weird. I had taken it before, starting in the 90’s, and for a good long time without weird side effects. My body chemistry is so messed up. But anyway, saw the rheumatologist, who started me on Celebrex and three hours after taking the first one, no more pain. Well, not completely pain free, but so little pain as to be easily tolerated. I can now hold a pen the normal way and write without pain. I was barely able to write before, and had to hold the pen in a very awkward way. I can now stand up to do dishes or cook something without severe back pain. Happy me is very, very happy. Picture is some Ayurvedic spices.

Of course, there are side effects. Especially if you take Celebrex while you’re on Prednisone, which I am. Can cause bleeding among other things, and since I had a bleed last June and was hospitalized for three days, I am a bit wary, but risking it because PAIN is barely there anymore. So far.

My kitchen before Second Gertrude, and well before me being so not really functional. Not much on the frig or the wall now, thank you Miss G.

Am hoping to get this teensy kitchen better organized so I can possibly cook something now and then besides scrambled eggs. It is a mess right now with NO free counter space.

Oh, and my beloved toaster oven bit the dust, so I got a new toaster oven/air fryer from Wally World (I know, but Target didn’t have the plain toaster oven I wanted to get), and oh my goodness. My DD kept telling me I would love an air fryer, and I do.

And another thing. My friend Tess brought me some already prepped brussels sprouts, cut in half. I heated my iron skillet in the stove oven as I heated the oven to 400. Added a bit of oil, lay the sprouts cut side down, roasted for about 20 minutes, flipped, roasted about 15 more minutes. OMG. Best thing I’ve ever eaten, besides tiramisu. They looked burnt, very dark brown and the outer leaves got a bit crispy, which I loved, and they were so good. I ate them all. Seriously, you would not believe how good these are, and how completely different a veg it is than when you steam or boil the sprouts. Give it a try. These are not mine. Mine were even darker and I have no idea what the liquid is.

Hoping that now I am relatively pain free and not so tired because of it, that my brain will start working again and I can blog and think and all that good stuff. Fingers crossed. It’s a beautiful day, but the north wind was blowing straight in the window (I can’t close it by myself) and about 4am I had to turn on the heater fan so Miss G and I did not get frostbite. LOL It was COLD. Warmed up some once the sun came up, but still pretty chilly in here. Foot thick brick walls really keep in whatever temp it is. Okay, done. Have a good day, everyone.