This is the fourth time I have done a delivery order and it has been messed up. I asked it to be brought to my door, I choose ‘sign for it’ and still, it was left in the outer lobby where anyone could just walk off with it. Very annoying. Complained..again. Had to call some friends to come and bring it upstairs for me as I am not physically capable of doing that, because there is bottled water and other heavy things. Walmart was the only place that would deliver today, and I need the water because I cannot open one side of my filter holder to change the filter and my friend Ed couldn’t open it either. Bah! Humbug!

Have been doing really poorly recently, and I did just figure out that part of the problem was the zoloft my doctor prescribed. Lowest dose, but every day I have been so tired I can barely feed the cat let alone do anything else but lay on the couch and read. Ignoring email, not watching my streaming shows, just reading and sleeping. Much better today after not taking the zoloft last night. Instant results. The zoloft is because she said I am under severe stress, and boy Walmart did not help with that at all. With all their money, you’d think they could hire delivery people instead of what seems like random people who come in and ask if they have any delivery work. Actually, I don’t know how that works except the Walmart does not employ the delivery people it uses. Twice I did not get my order at all because they could not find anyone to deliver it. Frustrating.

Doctor wants me to take two new meds and I am now diabetic thanks to the prednisone, but I am very, very reluctant. Am going to attempt to get the numbers down by eating loads of veg and a bit of protein and drinking green tea. Fingers crossed. I see her again June 1, so hoping things are better by then.

Spring has sprung, it is now in the 70’s and has been really nice out. Windows open. Yay. Spring has sprung. I like spring.