So I am watching episode one on Paramount +. I remember watching this show ages ago. Anyway, Allison is being tested by the Texas Rangers, and first her plane is met with maybe ten cars, and every place they go Allison and the person testing her are accompanied by a dozen or more Rangers. Why? They start right off with stupid. Seriously. The Texas Rangers don’t have anything better to do than follow around one of themselves and a woman who is not under arrest or anything? Are there no crimes outstanding in Texas that day? What? I mean seriously. I watched the first Episode of JAG, which show I have not watched before, and OMG. TV was really, really bad back then. Really bad. It’s really, really bad now, but in a completely different way. Good grief.

Happy Solstice, everyone. Yes, I know it was actually the other day, but celebrate the season. Today is the first day of winter based on temperature. Anyway, I read an article about how people get offended if you say ‘Happy Holidays’, like Christmas is not a holiday, so Solstice it is. Why is wishing people good will a bad thing, however you say it? I am so over humanity. The stupid runs strong with these ones.