by Alfred Sisley

But no snow. It is cold, though. 38 degrees. Brrrr.

I am feeling rather discombobulated, like I cannot think clearly. Trying to do a grocery order and oh, my. I managed in the end, but it took awhile. My local Stop&Shop has NO half and half, no light cream. What the heck? Did the milk truck lose a wheel, or the horse just decided not to go anywhere today? What?

Am wishing I could put up some Christmas decorations, but the last time I did was the Christmas before Gertrude, 2018. The next year Miss Destructo was running rampant, pulling everything off the walls, knocking everything off of every surface. She is a bit better this year, but I do not trust her AT ALL. Good thing she’s cute.

Watching the squirrels on a vid I found for cats. This lasted 0.2 seconds or so (little Torchwood reference there). That’s her most favorite thing ever, the tunnel. She hides in it. That’s her rug and toy basket, too. Cat is better off than I am.

Nobody tell her that her butt sticks out, okay? Happy December, everyone.