Imagine Dragons

Listening to them on YouTube, looked up Dan Reynolds, the lead singer. He has an incurable illness, and has been diagnosed with depression. My thought was, “I’d be depressed if I had an incurable illness, too. Oh, wait….” Duh. Guess I never actually thought of myself this way.

I love this group. Radioactive is one of my favorite songs. Thunder is another. What about Monster? Check out this video, too. The dancers are amazing. If you don’t know these guys, check out Imagine Dragons on YouTube

It’s May

Spring has sprung, for sure. Had to reschedule my vaccine because having a major pain flare. Doped to the gills on OTC pain meds, as no one ever gives me the good stuff. Have decided to stick to ready-meals and not buy anything that needs more than ‘remove wrap, nuke til done. Found some really tasty Asian meals. Pho. I have seen pictures of pho, but none of them can tell you how really good it is. It is really, really good. I could eat that every day for a while.

I am disappointed that it’s going to be even longer before my homemaker can safely come in and clean. Maybe I should just get over it and have her in anyway. It’s a trade-off between not wanting to die horribly, or living in a disaster area. Because this place is a disaster. I just am not capable of pretty much anything right now. Never really been this bad when I didn’t have someone coming in to keep things nice. It will get better. It will.

Having a lot of focusing problems. I can’t really watch tv, because I cannot decide what to watch. I bring up Netflix or Prime, where I have long list of things to watch, and then I can’t decide on any one them, so off it goes and I am back to reading. Reading is good, though, but I am having trouble concentrating right now. I don’t know why I have gotten so much worse, and worse in different ways than ever before. I usually just try to wait it out. Nothing lasts forever, right? Anyway, happy May. Spring, it’s a good thing.