It’s May

Spring has sprung, for sure. Had to reschedule my vaccine because having a major pain flare. Doped to the gills on OTC pain meds, as no one ever gives me the good stuff. Have decided to stick to ready-meals and not buy anything that needs more than ‘remove wrap, nuke til done. Found some really tasty Asian meals. Pho. I have seen pictures of pho, but none of them can tell you how really good it is. It is really, really good. I could eat that every day for a while.

I am disappointed that it’s going to be even longer before my homemaker can safely come in and clean. Maybe I should just get over it and have her in anyway. It’s a trade-off between not wanting to die horribly, or living in a disaster area. Because this place is a disaster. I just am not capable of pretty much anything right now. Never really been this bad when I didn’t have someone coming in to keep things nice. It will get better. It will.

Having a lot of focusing problems. I can’t really watch tv, because I cannot decide what to watch. I bring up Netflix or Prime, where I have long list of things to watch, and then I can’t decide on any one them, so off it goes and I am back to reading. Reading is good, though, but I am having trouble concentrating right now. I don’t know why I have gotten so much worse, and worse in different ways than ever before. I usually just try to wait it out. Nothing lasts forever, right? Anyway, happy May. Spring, it’s a good thing.

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