Illness Update, Gripes

Was in a lot of pain for awhile there, saw rheumy Wed, said I was in a flare, but not a fibro flare. I seem to have developed polymyalgic rheumatica and/or rheumatoid arthritis, and since a triple dose of prednisone made me 80% better in three hours, it seems to be fact. Had hand xrays and blood tests, and am starting plaquinal today. I’ve heard that name, but need to research it. But I will take it if it prevents more flares like the one I just had. I could not turn a key without much, much pain. So happy, happy, joy, joy. Always nice to get sicker instead of better. NOT! But hey, life is what you make it, and I choose to make mine fune and fulled with laughing. Laughing is good.

As for gripes, here’s an article I just came across: Blackstone Digital Audio and possibly Amazon

Seems this digital book company has a deal with possibly Amazon, so will not provide their e-books to the public for three months so possibly Amazon can have them exclusively for those who pay possibly Amazon. Amazon bought Whole Foods, and if you have Prime, you get cheaper food. I think this all disrupts supply and demand, which is/was the basis for our economy, and wreaks havoc with the system. In order to get a better price, or even access at all, to some things, you first have to give some money to Amazon. I can’t be the only one who sees what a disaster this is. Deregulation, letting one company buy up all forms of news outlets in a single area, letting companies buy up and demolish their competitiion, none of this is good for the consumer. I can’t fix it, but you all can with your votes. It matters that you vote, it matters even more WHO you vote for. People seem brainwashed to vote against their own best interests. IDEK.

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