Cymbalta Update

I seem to be feeling better.  Like something has lifted.  Not sure how to describe it.  Still pain, and tired, but different.  That deep overall ache is gone.  Hopeful Jean is hopeful.

I was thinking about words last night.  My homemaker is from Portugal, and  her English is so not there.  It’s really hard, I think, because words are so weird.  We have reed, read, read, red.  Base, bass, bass.  Bow, bow, bow, bow.  Draught and draft.  I’m confused.  So many words only make sense in context.  I think we eventually just know, from experience.  How many of you know the difference in all the bows, for example?  But for a new learner, it has to be hard.  Not as hard as Welsh, or the Asian languages, but still hard.

This got me thinking about area codes.  I know, I am weird.  Anyway, spoken, it is six, oh, three.  Written, it is six, zero, three.  How confusing is that?  Oh is a letter, zero is a number, and yet we use them interchangeably.  The mind boggles.  Well, mine does, anyway.

It is 9 degrees, and fortunately not as windy as yesterday.  Yesterday we had snow squalls blowing straight across from left to right as I look out the window. And it all just blew away.  None on the ground.


Saw an article about robocalls a few minutes ago, and low and behold is my phone not ringing with one as I type?  I get at least three a day.  Caller ID is so worth it, and my landline has a ringer feature so I can tell if it’s someone I know calling without having to get up and check the phone.

I can tell I am better today, because my brain seems to be working again.  Yay, brain. That’s all.  🙂