Fake Videos and Ramblings

CNN article about fake (doctored) videos.  They did this on Star Trek TOS.  You think you’re seeing someone, but it’s not real.  Like those hideous commercials where they inserted dead celebrities alongside current actors.  How are you to know if what you are seeing is real or not?  The world is getting harder and harder to navigate, that’s for sure.

Ramblings.  About fibro, what else.  Spoke to pharmacist, decided to give the cymbalta a try.  It’s not as hard to get off of as prednisone if it doesn’t help or makes things worse.  Prednisone has been five (six?) years of hell after they first took me off it too soon and I wound up with withdrawal. Fun times.  Nope.  The thing is, it is really hard to function lately, with so much pain and serious fatigue, worse than usual.  I want to be able to do things, so cymbalta it is.  I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

What I Accomplished in 2018

I just saw a post where the person said they’ve seen a lot of posts like that.  I haven’t seen any myself, thank goodness, but here’s what I accomplished in 2018.  I survived.  Yep.  That’s it.  I made it through 365 days of pain and fatigue and frustration and not being able to do what I want when I want.  And every one of those days I found something to smile about.  Something to laugh about.  Every day was a good day, however bad I may have felt physically.  Well, the hot and sticky days weren’t really all that great, even with central air, but otherwise, fine.  It was all fine.  So far I’ve lived through every challenge, every bad thing that’s happened in my life.  I’ve survived them all.  Yay, me.  It’s a good thing. Oh, this says it better: